Monthly Archives: October 2013

Semiconductor is UK artist duo Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. Through moving image works they explore the material nature of our world, how we experience it and how we try to make an understanding of it, questioning our place in the physical universe. Their unique approach has won them many awards and prestigious fellowships, most recently the ‘Samsung Art + Prize UK’ 2012 for new media, the ‘Golden Gate Award for New Visions’ at San Francisco International Film Festival USA 2012 and the ‘Art and Science Award’ at Ann Arbor Film Festival USA 2012.

Semiconductor make distinctive and innovative works which push the boundaries of moving image as a visual language. Always looking to extend mans experience of the natural physical world, their works delve into unseen worlds and create visual interpretations of these through self developed technical processes and unique aesthetics. Their works transcend the tools that have been used to make them, instead creating new forms of expression that defy genre and provide new experiences for audiences.

In recent years works have developed from fellowship opportunities which have taken them into unique science laboratories to observe how man creates an understanding of the material world around us, these include; NASA Space Sciences Laboratory UC Berkeley California 2005, Mineral Sciences Laboratory, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History 2010 and the Charles Darwin Research Station, Galapagos 2010.

Works include; Black Rain, a moving image installation which uses satellite image data to observe the space between the Sun and the Earth, Indefatigable, a moving image work observing scientists at work on the Galapagos Islands and Magnetic Movie, a live action and CGI moving image work exploring the material nature of interplanetary magnetic fields at a NASA space sciences laboratory.