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Using terrestrial LIDAR technology it is now possible to capture the world in three dimensions. This technology can create near perfect digital 3D replicas of buildings, landscapes, objects and events. But these digital replicas are always an illusion of perfection. NOISE: ERROR IN THE VOID explores the inherent mistakes made by modern technologies of vision. Here we see the unedited view of the world as seen through the eyes of the LIDAR machine. Reality is shrouded in a cloud of mistaken measurements, confused surfaces and misplaced three dimensional reflections.

NOISE:ERROR IN THE VOID presents two films NOISE//01 and //02. Each film take us on a series of orbits around a single, unedited, scan captured in Berlin in November 2013. The camera journeys through the droning spheres of error and cataclysmic array of inaccurate points.


51 Scrutton Street, Shoreditch London, EC2A 4PJ

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21st March – 15th May 2014

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