Welcome to Unit Twenty Four!

Welcome to the Unit 24blog.

The purpose of this blog is for us to exchange information. You are encouraged to post your work, recent exhibitions, random curiosities, links to interesting websites etc.

Tutorials lists will be published here.

Here are some basic rules to keep this place tidy:

  1. Do not post things personal or unrelated to our field of study.
  2. Do not post criticism about other persons [including us!]. Talk to us if there are any problems.
  3. We reserve the right to take anything off the blog we think is inappropriate.
  4. Always add a tag to identify your post i.e. ‘Reference’ for inspirational material such as images and links to other internet sites, ‘Project 1, 2, …’  for posting your own work, ‘Go and see’ for recommendations for current exhibitions or performances to visit, or make up your own if you think it deserves it…
  5. To post an image, make sure the image size is max 1000px on its longest side and choose the option ‘large size’ [600px], or ‘medium size’ [300px] left justified, before inserting the image into your post.
We hope you will make good use of this resource.

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