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  1. Mike said:

    Hi Martyna

    The film is coming along nicely.

    I think that the palindrome effects are working quite well in creating the sense of the uncanny.

    Now is the time to get brutal/realistic with the edit; I feel like there might be a bit too much going on and you could do with a trim to allow some parts of the film to have high quality money shots in them. I like the tracking shot, but its very scratchy at the moment – you might need to pour some energy into getting 10 seconds of high quality footage here.

    I suspect that the film could become more like 1m30s without losing the impact??

    The soundtrack is getting better, but I would work this up so there are ‘peaks’ and ‘troughs’ in it – moments of richness and texture and moments of silence. Over 2 minutes it feels a little one dimensional.

    Consider using 2.5D in the views of the building/river to overlay foreground/frame information such as trees/river activity.

    Keep going.

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