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  1. Mike said:


    Your work is progressing nicely. Your 3D work is good and puts you there. I particularly like the contextual shots in the earlier part of the film. I think the sound is working well and should be developed further if you have time

    The introduction of 2.5D historical shots is good, but I feel that you need some kind of structure to explain what we are looking at. Not necessarily explicit captions, but somehow a quote or a voiceover that gives a hint of what you mean. The end of the F.Scott Fitzgeralds Great Gatsby has a classic line often quoted line “so we beat on, boats against the river, drawn ceaselessly back into the past”. Nick found a great Turner quote about Margate “at Margate I can connect nothing with nothing” Could you find some kind of literary snappy quote that encapsulates the idea of creating a monument to the wartime landscape that you can place at the beginning?

    You could consider introducing a voiceover, a little like Stefana’s that gives voice to the landscape somehow???

    The 3D tracking shots look promising but need more work and you definitely need to avoid crashing through columns. This might need to be reduced down in timescale so that you can really work into it.

    The drawing looks promising too, but be organised and make sure that you ‘bank’ parts that are finished and don’t leave too many things half finished.

    Keep going, its improving all the time!


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