Monthly Archives: October 2016

The situationists considered Giorgio de Chirico ‘one of the most remarkable architectural precursors’. His drawings are eery, marking presence through its absence (always uninhabited by people). Carlos Monteiro has developed SURREALISTa, a computer game that simulates Chirico’s drawings in 3D space. By playing it, one seeks to unlock secret gateways in order to move to the next level.


Here is the video for it and the link to download (it’s free!)

‘The Dream is a short experimental dance film exploring the world of dreams. The ‘sleeping‘ woman is representative of humanitiy’s oblivious state of spiritual ignorance of what is truly real, awakening the spirit where Magic dwells.’

The film switches between a dance performance and a magical, underwater setting. The cold colours in the film, in comparison with the deep red, create a very interesting atmosphere that reminds me of natura morta paintings.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 09.57.33.png