“Onkalo must last 100,000 years, but nothing built by man has lasted nearly a tenth of that timespan.”

“The design, the construction, and the implementation has to be done so that no knowledge is necessary for the future, so that it can be safe in case people lose the knowledge.”

‘Into Eternity’ is a feature-length documentary following the construction of the Onkalo Nuclear Waste Repository Facility, on the island of Olkiluoto, off the West coast of Finland. Described as a ‘deep geological repository’, it is the first of its kind in the world, and is destined to accommodate the final disposal of Finland’s spent nuclear fuel.

Check it out, its mesmerising!



Full documentary:

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Ever wondered why the BBC don’t get a load of interesting architects, artists and patrons talking about buildings that inspire them? Its because they already did it back in the 90’s….

Building Sights is in the BBC iplayer  Archive, as a series of 10 minute shorts. My particular favourites are Damien Hirst talking about the Worsley Medical Building and Simon Armitage discussing the Humber Bridge.

Architect Walter Segal had a long and influential career. In his later years he focused on a series of self-built council housing developments which made use of innovative organising principles. This is the story of Walter’s Way, a little-known street of two storey houses in Lewisham, which may hold part of the solution to London’s housing crisis.

Architecture Foundation website

AA exhibition

Does it hold the key to the solution of London’s housing crisis? Two views:

Olly Wainwright

Owen Hatherley

Somebody must have forgotten to pass me the memo…..I have just discovered the paintings of Ardunio Cantafora, the swiss-italian architect and painter who was tutored by Aldo Rossi and is influenced by de Chirico and The Ideal City period painters.

The paintings beautifully capture conditions of time in still frames / multiple frames.

And they feel very local to Italy somehow…..