Film-making processes

Anyone who haunted flash animation sites in the early noughties such as Newgrounds (which sat in a very subversive/nerdy corner of the internet), will most likely be familiar with David Firth; creator of Salad Fingers, Burnt Face Man, Jerry Jackson etc…

Firth’s animations are intended to “tickle the weird gland”, and sit somewhere between the absurd and the bizarre, often featuring a streak of divisive and irreverent black humour delivered with a Yorkshire accent.

‘Cream’ was released earlier this year is his probably his most polished short yet. Firth’s work really has a bit of the Marmite factor, but even if it’s not to your taste, its still a great example of a fully fleshed-out dystopian film made purely from Photoshop collage and After Effects!

Hey Everyone!

London is now full of filmmakers coming to show off their work! Some gain more popularity further on in the year for example Moonlight which was shown last year in London had no popularity but became a big player in the academy awards, Here is a list of tickets and films that you can see before the general public!


Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 19.14.34.pngMuybridge’s proto-cinema experiments are the subject of this compelling documentary from leading American essayist Thom Andersen (LA Plays Itself), which looks at his practice of motion study, as well as his 1879 invention, the zoopraxiscope, for displaying motion pictures.

“One of the best essay films ever made on a cinematic subject” (Jonathan Rosenbaum)