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London is now full of filmmakers coming to show off their work! Some gain more popularity further on in the year for example Moonlight which was shown last year in London had no popularity but became a big player in the academy awards, Here is a list of tickets and films that you can see before the general public!


Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 19.14.34.pngMuybridge’s proto-cinema experiments are the subject of this compelling documentary from leading American essayist Thom Andersen (LA Plays Itself), which looks at his practice of motion study, as well as his 1879 invention, the zoopraxiscope, for displaying motion pictures.

“One of the best essay films ever made on a cinematic subject” (Jonathan Rosenbaum)

The Infinite Mix exhibition brings together audiovisual artworks that are soulful and audacious in their exploration of a wide range of subjects. In all of the works in this exhibition the interplay between moving image and sound is crucial. Most of the artists have composed, commissioned or remixed soundtracks that relate to the visual element of their work in unexpected ways, and ensure that what you hear is just as important as what you see.

The Infinite Mix includes works that address tumultuous histories and cultural tensions in ways that are thought-provoking as well as deeply entertaining. They also pointedly remix our notions of history and fiction, the real and the staged, and the sublime and the everyday. Drawing on varied genres including documentary filmmaking, music video, experimental film and theatrical performance, these artworks dispense with straightforward storytelling and unfold in a manner akin to musical compositions. Together, they expand the ways in which we experience moving images and sound, and open up new veins of meaning in art’s potentially ‘infinite mix.’

Featuring Martin Creed, Jeremy Deller with Cecilia Bengolea, Stan Douglas, Cyprien Gaillard, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Cameron Jamie, Kahlil Joseph, Ugo Rondinone, Rachel Rose and Elizabeth Price.

The Infinite Mix is a Hayward Gallery pop-up exhibition presented in association with The Vinyl Factory. The exhibition takes place at The Store, a new creative space located at the iconic Brualist building, 180 The Strand, London WC2R 1EA.

Simply Unmissable!!

archessayfilmArchitecture | Essay | Film

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, University College London, 2nd Floor, South Junction, Wilkins Building, Gower Street WC1E 6BT

Architecture | Essay | Film is a one-day symposium bringing together filmmakers, architects and theorists to discuss the role of the ‘essay film’ in architecture. Originally coined by the German artist and filmmaker Hans Richter, the term essay film describes an intimate, allusive and idiosyncratic genre at the margins between fiction and documentary. Although under-theorised the essay film has a long history as a ‘form that thinks and thought that forms’ according to French film essayist Jean-Luc Godard. Architecture | Essay | Film will focus on essay films that take as their subject matter architecture or the city, what we call ‘architectural essay films’. We have asked our speakers to reflect on: What are the characteristics of the architectural essay film? Do architectural essay films unlock the storytelling, political and philosophical subconscious of architecture? Can architectural essay films be seen as a design research method, bridging theory and practice, as well as filmmaking and architectural proposition?

Conceived and developed by Dr Penelope Haralambidou, the symposium is organized by Anna Andersen, Dr Penelope Haralambidou and Phuong-Trâm Nguyen at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.


Dr Erika Balsom Lecturer in Film Studies and in Liberal Arts at King’s College London, specialising in the study of the moving image in art, author of Exhibiting Cinema in Contemporary Art (2013) andDocumentary Across Disciplines (2016)

Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine, Living Architectures Artists, filmmakers, producers and publishers, who experiment with new narrative and cinematographic forms in relation to contemporary architecture. Known for Koolhaas Houselife (2013), Barbicania (2014), La Maddalena (2015), and Spiriti (2015)

Richard Martin Writer and researcher working on contemporary film, art and architecture. He is the author of The Architecture of David Lynch (2014), and currently teaches at King’s College London and Tate Modern

James O’Leary and Dr Kristen Kreider, Kreider + O’Leary A poet and an architect, who collaborate to make performance, installation and time-based media work in relation to sites of architectural and cultural interest. Known for Gorchakov’s Wish (2011) and Edge City (2013)

Professor Laura Rascaroli Professor and Co-Head of the Discipline of Film and Screen Media at University College Cork, author of The Personal Camera: Subjective Cinema and The Essay Film(2009)

Kibwe Tavares, Factory Fifteen Architect trained filmmaker and actor, member of Factory Fifteen, known for Jonah (2013) and Robots of Brixton (2011)

Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Fugitive Images Filmmaker, artist and cultural activist co-founder of the artists’ collective Fugitive Images, known for Estate, a Reverie (2015)

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Architect Walter Segal had a long and influential career. In his later years he focused on a series of self-built council housing developments which made use of innovative organising principles. This is the story of Walter’s Way, a little-known street of two storey houses in Lewisham, which may hold part of the solution to London’s housing crisis.

Architecture Foundation website

AA exhibition

Does it hold the key to the solution of London’s housing crisis? Two views:

Olly Wainwright

Owen Hatherley The Weapons of Choice series, hosted by Kate Davies gathers together multidisciplinary doers and thinkers to delve into the underlying processes behind the making of creative work. Engaging wild minds from the fields of art, design, technology and science in discussion, to explore how the tools available to creative minds activate design thinking in peculiar, particular ways. Ever wondered what your neurons are up to as you sketch and make; as you lure and provoke your ideas into being? Weapons of Choice Part I; The Architect and the Brain Scientist, brings together the fabulously speculative mind of Architect and Academic Perry Kulper in conversation with leading cognitive neuroscientist, Professor Vincent Walsh to engage in an interrogation of creative practice.